Will the pandemic encourage more customers to review the risks…

Will the pandemic encourage more customers to review the risks of working with untrained cleaners?


Whether it’s fear over contracting a dangerous virus, or not letting anyone close to you to reduce the risk, the corona-virus pandemic has put our health and safety firmly in the focus of attention. And, while it has increased awareness about the need for protection, it has also highlighted some stark differences in people’s risk awareness.


Some customers would hand over the keys to any recommended cleaner and trust that they will clean to a reasonable standard, others would require a clear cleaning plan for sanitisation and a professional cleaner with PPE. Most people are aware of the security risk when trusting someone with their valuables but hiring someone to remove an invisible virus from the surfaces raises a few more questions.


In spite of concerns about the knowledge and attention the cleaner might or might not have a large percentage of customers would still heavily rely on assumption; assuming that a cleaner with a few years of experience must be a trusted professional cleaner.


So why is that? The quick answer is: that cleaners do not need a certified qualification and from a customer’s point of view it is tricky to tell the difference between a registered and trained cleaner and any other cleaner. Although there are many cleaning businesses who take the extra mile and train and vet their cleaners carefully it is a tricky task to demonstrate this without a hefty marketing cost.


But while the need for key safety to secure your possessions is commonly understood, there are plenty of other aspects that may also require a review before hiring a cleaner, but are less well understood. These include entering into a (verbal or written) contract with a potentially illegal worker and starting or ending this contract. Another factor highlighting the need for registered and trained professional cleaners is the concern regarding the knowledge of cross contamination and understanding cleaning vs. disinfecting.

We must all hope that the danger of the pandemic fades away in the coming months. But looking beyond that immediate health risk, the above reasons underline a growing urgency for customers to look into their current cleaning arrangement and hire a registered and trained professional cleaner to achieve peace of mind and reassurance.

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