Your checklist when hiring a cleaner

Your checklist when hiring a cleaner

Hiring a cleaner can provide great comfort and knowing that there is one less thing to worry about during a busy day can reduce stress and increase productivity.

… I mean when you are hiring the right cleaner; a trusted honest worker.


Here are a few pointers to help you keep the hiring process worry-free.


» References & Criminal Check:
The cleaning industry is unregulated and anyone can call themselves a professional cleaner. Make sure you know who you are hiring. Ask for a couple of references. If security is particularly important for you a DBS-check always adds an extra layer of security.

» Invoices & Payment:
Make sure you know how often you will receive your invoices and what the payment terms are. This all should be included on your original quote. If your cleaner wants cash payments that’s always a red flag. Is there a client portal where you can see and download your invoices?

» Keys & Codes:
Is your cleaner a key holder? Before handing over your keys and any entry codes check whether there is a key holding system in place and how security in managed. You don’t want to be dealing with alarm issues on Christmas Eve.

» Ongoing Service:
You really get to know a business when you experience how they handle problems. Ask a few questions about issues that are important to you. Don’t worry that you might be blunt, great businesses are always proud to tell you how they tackle problems and how well their operating procedures serve customers.

Avoid assuming anything simply check the facts before it’s too late.

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