About us

Established in 2007

In an intensely competitive and largely unregulated cleaning industry, the demand for affordable, professional cleaning solutions that promise enduring quality is on the rise. This is where Trusted Honest Workers Cleaning Services come into play, born from the vision of uniting like-minded cleaners willing to go the extra mile to deliver trustworthy and honest services that our clients seek.

Our standards are uncompromisingly high, and our Trusted Honest Workers are rigorously trained and registered cleaners, stellar references, and a minimum of 6 months of hands-on experience.


Our cleaning team is bolstered by an efficient operational system, providing an easy-to-use quotation and booking process, comprehensive site-specific cleaning instructions, well-organised scheduling, and secure payment options.


If you’ve been in search of a long-term cleaning solution, don’t hesitate to request a quote online. Discover how our Trusted Honest Workers can make a difference for you.

Trusted Honest Workers


Through our unwavering dedication to cleanliness and customer satisfaction, we aim to make a positive impact on the lives of our clients and contribute to a cleaner, healthier world for all. With every service we provide, we strive to create spaces that inspire and uplift, leaving a lasting impression of cleanliness and comfort.


Our commitment to continuous improvement drives us to develop sustainable cleaning solutions that minimise environmental impact and enhance the health and well-being of our clients and communities. We envision a world where cleaner spaces lead to healthier lives and a more sustainable planet.


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